Curious ad placement in NYT Magazine

This past Sunday, the New York Times magazine ran an interesting if somewhat terrifying piece about past sexual abuse that took place at the all boys prep school, Horace Mann.

Running across the spread on the last page of the article is an ad for an all boys summer camp with the header “Your Son Will Succeed”. I couldn’t help but be startled by the badly placed advertisement for a similar looking upscale boys educational experience. The tone of the ad matched how I envision Horace Mann portraying themselves to families of prospective students.

I wonder if anyone else noticed it?

An ad for an all boys summer camp appeared across from an article about past sexual abuse at an all boys prep school.


Six Hours of Pre-Game Superbowl Coverage?

How many different ways can sportscasters say “the Giants are really good at getting the football into the right place, but Patriots are also good at scoring points by maneuvering the football to the right place”?