Who deserves special parking privileges?


I pulled into a CVS in New Britain, CT and came across this sign. If you are to take it literally… storks, new mothers and “moths to be” can use the parking space.

I remember a similar sign at a Sears in Denver, but don’t think I have seen one anywhere else. The first thing it brought to mind was enforcement… what if you’re pregnant but not showing? What if you have a new baby but didn’t bring it to the store? Would you get dirty looks? Certainly not a ticket.

What about others who might need special privileges but don’t get a disabled pass? I can think of all kinds of situations. What about needing to pee really bad? You could put a picture of a toilet on the sign. What if you are really late to work or an appointment? The hands of a clock could be a good graphic for that one.

What situations do you think warrant a special parking spot?


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