Who deserves special parking privileges?


I pulled into a CVS in New Britain, CT and came across this sign. If you are to take it literally… storks, new mothers and “moths to be” can use the parking space.

I remember a similar sign at a Sears in Denver, but don’t think I have seen one anywhere else. The first thing it brought to mind was enforcement… what if you’re pregnant but not showing? What if you have a new baby but didn’t bring it to the store? Would you get dirty looks? Certainly not a ticket.

What about others who might need special privileges but don’t get a disabled pass? I can think of all kinds of situations. What about needing to pee really bad? You could put a picture of a toilet on the sign. What if you are really late to work or an appointment? The hands of a clock could be a good graphic for that one.

What situations do you think warrant a special parking spot?


Curious ad placement in NYT Magazine

This past Sunday, the New York Times magazine ran an interesting if somewhat terrifying piece about past sexual abuse that took place at the all boys prep school, Horace Mann.

Running across the spread on the last page of the article is an ad for an all boys summer camp with the header “Your Son Will Succeed”. I couldn’t help but be startled by the badly placed advertisement for a similar looking upscale boys educational experience. The tone of the ad matched how I envision Horace Mann portraying themselves to families of prospective students.

I wonder if anyone else noticed it?

An ad for an all boys summer camp appeared across from an article about past sexual abuse at an all boys prep school.

B2B tweeting on a Sunday

Is that really necessary? I don’t really need to see Tweets about inbound marketing when I’m not working. I’m sure it must be effective for said Tweeter. OK, well I hope there has been some analysis done and it has been determined to be effective. The weirder part is I called them out about it and someone responded quickly. I’m glad I don’t have that person’s job.

Etsy Transaction – Super sexy dress


Etsy Transaction – Super sexy dress.

I have another idea for this “dress” – I think it’s really for easy use of the ladies room.

Is it necessary? If you’re handicapped it could indeed serve a useful function. Otherwise, this is the most disgusting article of clothing ever! I hope I never have to seer anyone wear it. Bad sadly I’ll be in Vegas next week, so it’s possible.